On any given day, approximately a quarter of a million people with a severe mental illness are behind bars. Of those, about half were arrested for non-violent offenses.

When the sole response to a non-violent infraction by someone with a severe illness is incarceration, the results are both expensive and ineffective. But when treatment and consequences are skillfully mixed and monitored, it can be a classic “win-win” for the individual and the community.

Lake County was among the first counties in Ohio to mount a mental health court. Today, thanks to the vision and leadership of Judge John Trebets, Lake County Mental Health is seen as a model of success throughout Ohio and beyond.

Since its inception in 2004, more than 100 individuals have been referred to the Court. All had a diagnosed mental illness which contributed to behaviors that caused their arrest. Judge Trebets strives to create a blend of consequences, treatment, and incentives appropriate to each case. In so doing, the Court has saved taxpayers many thousands of dollars and turned lives around.

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