SFY2022 Request for Proposal (RFP)

Section I

Instructions to Proposers and General Conditions


Section II

SFY22  Provider Profile

Proposal Form


Section III

Fiscal Specifications


Section IV

Service Specifications


Attachment 1

Cover Sheet


Attachment 2

Program Summary


Attachment 3

Reporting Requirements


Attachment 4

Board Fee Schedule


Attachment 5

Budget Worksheets

Grant Line Item Expense Budget Form

Grant Line Item Revenue Budget Form

Modified FIS-047

Modified FIS-052


Following Attachments are ADAMHS Board Guidance Documents:


Attachment 6

Compass Line Policy


Attachment 7

Quality Improvement Plan


Attachment 8

Priority Populations


Attachment 9

Strategic Plan


Attachment 10

Medicaid Expansion Policy

Addendum to Medicaid Expansion Policy


Attachment 11

Marketing and Public Relations