The healing starts here.

  • Trauma Response is a collaborative initiative funded by the Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board.
  • We’re a group of locally based behavioral health professionals who work at agencies within the ADAMHS network.
  • We offer timely, coordinated support in the wake of a suicide, assault, large scale accident or other tragedy. In other words, we help normal people cope with abnormal events.
  • Since Trauma Response is funded by the ADAMHS Board there is no cost associated with using our services.

Why, how, where…

  • Our Trauma Response team uses techniques widely recognized to mitigate the impacts of psychological trauma.
  • Whenever possible we conduct our work at or near the site of the incident. When circumstances make that impractical or impossible, we work with you to choose a site familiar to and comfortable to those affected.

Please understand…

That our interventions are not intended to take the place of counseling or therapy. Our team makes every effort to identify those who may be in need of additional professional mental health services, and we help connect them with appropriate resources.


To access the Trauma Response team call Lake County’s Crisis Hotline at 440-953-8255.  A team leader will contact you to learn more about the nature and scope of the incident and to begin planning an appropriate response strategy.