Other ADAMHS Initiatives


Trauma Response LogoTrauma Response offers free, timely, coordinated support in the wake of a suicide, assault, large scale accident, or other tragedy.

A group of locally-based behavioral health professionals who work within the ADAMHS network will be deployed to the site on request. These interventions are not intended to take the place of counseling or therapy. Our team makes every effort to identify those who may be in need of additional professional mental health services and help connect them with appropriate resources.

To access Trauma Response services call Lake County’s Crisis Hotline at 440-953-8255. A team leader will contact you to learn more about the nature and scope of the incident and to begin planning an appropriate response strategy.


CALMHS LogoLake County’s Community Alliance of Law Enforcement and Mental Health Services (CALMHS) Committee’s goal is to foster communication and cooperation between local law enforcement personnel, mental health treatment providers, and courts to ensure that more people with a mental illness get the help they need.

CALMHS offers Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for first responders to help them recognize mental illness symptoms and respond safely and effectively when they encounter someone exhibiting symptoms during a call.


QRT LogoThe Lake County QRT is partnership of law enforcement, fire/EMT, and the ADAMHS system.

When a Lake County resident requires medical intervention as the result of a drug overdose, a team—typically a law enforcement officer, an EMT, and an expert in treatment resources—will visit that individual shortly thereafter. They’ll offer information about and access to local treatment resources.


The ADAMHS Board’s Compass Line is designed to shorten the journey between seeking help and getting help. Calling the Compass Line at (440) 350-2000 will connect you with a trained triage specialist – someone who can help you sort through your feelings, evaluate your options, and get you connected quickly and efficiently with the right local resources. It’s free. It’s confidential. It’s a great place to start.

Compass line hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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