Substance-Use Disorders

Substance-Use Disorders

If you’re in crisis, call 9-1-1, go to the nearest hospital emergency department, or call the Lake County Crisis Hotline at 440-953-TALK (953-8255).

One in seven adults will experience substance-use disorders. Of those, only one in ten of will get treatment. Why? Largely the answer is stigma. Nobody gets uncomfortable about seeking help for physical conditions. Unfortunately that’s often not the case with behavioral health issues.

Substance-use disorders are treatable diseases.

Common Signs / Symptoms of Abuse

What You Need To Know As A Parent

Talk with your kids. You can dramatically reduce the likelihood of your kids abusing drugs by having conversations with them on the topic.

A Word About Your Medicine Cabinet

Unsecured medicine cabinets can become easy targets for people with substance-use disorders who are in your home. So keep Rx meds under lock and key. And if you have older, unused meds, get rid of them.

Here are two ways to do that safely:

How to access Deterra drug disposal pouches:

For more information contact the Compass Line by phone at 440-350-2000 or by email at