Beacon Health

  • CPST Case Manager
  • Hotline Specialist
  • Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
  • Therapist
  • Accounting and Billing Specialist

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 Catholic Charities

  • Bilingual Chemical Dependency Counselor (20 hours)

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Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

  • Development Director
  • Crisis Intervention Specialist (part-time) days & weekends
  • Crisis Intervention Specialist — days, nights & weekends available
  • Crisis Intervention Specialist (part-time) evenings/overnight/weekends

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  • Clinical Care Coordinator – Day Treatment
  • School-based Services Provider
  • Licensed Day Treatment Counselor
  • Childcare Support Provider (part-time)
  • Community-based Family Treatment Provider

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Extended Housing

  • Residential Specialist

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Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers

  • Child Care Worker (part-time)
  • Program Assistant
  • Outpatient Counselor
  • Residential Treatment Supervisor
  • Residential Treatment Counselor

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 Lifeline, Inc.

  • 211 Worker (part-time)

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Signature Health

  • Billing Generalist
  • Counselor, Adult Mental Health (assessments)
  • Counselor, Adult Mental Health
  • Psychiatrist
  • Account Analyst
  • Lab Collections Specialist
  • Counselor, Chemical Dependency (PRN – part-time)
  • Safety Enforcement Officer (part-time)
  • Controller
  • Physician, Family Medicine
  • Medical Assistant, Primary Medicine
  • Director of Medical Operations

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Windsor Laurelwood

  • Registered Nurse (weekend program)
  • Registered Nurse (PRN)
  • Outpatient Counselor (PRN)
  • Primary Therapist (PRN)
  • Registered Nurse — Detox/Recovery Units
  • Registered Nurse — Adult Mental Health
  • Registered Nurse — Adolescent Services
  • Assessment & Referral Counselor
  • Assessment & Referral Counselor (PRN)
  • Dietary Cook (PRN)
  • Health Information Technician
  • Maintenance Technician (PRN)
  • Mental Health Technician — Detox/Recovery Unit
  • Mental Health Technician — Adolescent Unit

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WomenSafe, Inc., the Green House

  • Currently there are no openings but resumes are kept on file

Learn more here: WomenSafe, Inc., the Green House Employment Opportunities